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Big city G 3d model render

3D city model Video animation

3d cityscape model video animation. Hi, this is a new 3D cityscape model (code name big city “G” if you ask). Below is a video showing the work in progress of the city. It’s half way there. The final result is available for download here. 3d city modeling requires a lot of work, many hours […]

Apollo exterior (1)

Rooftop Garden

Here is a rooftop that I’ve created. It has a pool, a bar and some other cool elements. This happens on top of the garage roof, the residential 18 storey building being the one at the back end of the garden.    

test render 30

Working on this:

  I’ve started working on this interior long ago. The other day I have decided to render the scene and see how does it look like. I think it’s great! 🙂 Soon I’ll upload the file so you can download it if you want to.     Alright, time for adding new renderings for this […]

white gekko 9 black

Hello, this is gekko

Still under construction.   I’m about to set up my site, so you can check out some cool stuff, and download 3d objects. It is still  not finished, but visible to everyone. because i’m gekko. and i said so 😉