Big City G

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Realistic 3D city model for download.  For 3D S Max and Vray.

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Big City G – 3D Full Cityscape Model

The Big City G is a huge virtual city model.

Looking for a perfect 3D cityscape model?

It has an impressive variety of 3D buildings, awesome skyline,  modular and easy to edit.

Perfect for architecture projects, video animations, advertising, commercials, creatives, and many other.


Edited render of the city downtown area and central parks:

Video presentation:


What it is:

Impressive looking. Awesome skyline. It does not copy any existing real city. It was meant to look similar to the big city skylines around the world. Especially inspired by the New York City, Chicago and other American top cities. The 3D City model’s purpose is to be an impressive looking big cityscape. It looks real. With tall skyscrapers, medium buildings, industrial areas, residential blocks and houses. Even a seaside with a beach, boats, parks, balloons, etc.

Make it as you want.

The best part of it? It’s modular. You can edit it as you wish. Make your own big, huge, or tiny 3d city using the provided elements. Elements like modular streets, buildings, trees, etc. You edit the 3d Big City G model as you need. Use the large number of available 3d buildings and elements to make a seamless giant city. It is versatile. One city show 🙂


See this fast example of how it can be made bigger:

Suggested uses.

It’s very useful in many fields like architecture, video animations, advertising, commercials  etc. Even gaming maybe. Place your architecture project inside this city. Use the 3D city model as your background skyline, as a context. Combine it with your own models and projects. Make drone air footage of it, animations fly over, it looks awesome. Boat racing on the sea side? You name it, the possibilities are infinite.

The illustration below shows a few different render approaches, from edited renders, raw renders or simple all white renders.

Edited render of the seaside with amusement park, beach, tiny boats, cars and hot air balloons:


Well balanced details.

The full scene has a little over 6 million polygons. All carefully arranged.

The 3D City model is a really Big and detailed cityscape. All 3d modeled elements are carefully modeled. Some are simple and low polygon models, others are of higher detail. The simple models like 3D cars, trees, boats were kept with fewer details. The reason: when multiplied around the city their polygons will not add up a lot. Some 3d building models have a higher poly (faces) count so they can look good even in solid color renders. Like clay renders, when you render it with no materials, no textures, only plain simple colors. Renders when everything is white, like in this example.

More examples of all white renders:

Tiny details. Cars and buses, boats and ships, hot air balloons and zeppelins.

Cars, boats, trees. And hot air balloons. Yes, they are included in the scene. All in their own groups. You can spot them at a closer look. The cars (and trees, boats, balloons, zeppelins) are very simple models, so they would not make the scene heavier. They add a vibrant touch to the city, but still at a very close look, they are extremely simple 3D models. Not simple boxes tho. Not at all. They even have tiny simple black wheels, or reflective windows. The car group (even the boats group) is made out of a small variety of vehicles: cabs, vans, buses, trucks. With a couple of different colors. From a safe distance they look great. Cars, boats, balloons, zeppelins they all use the same idea: very simple, for a low poly count over all. This means you can multiply all the vehicles or boats around the scene, without making it much heavier.

Edited render, Industrial area:

Other specifications:

City Dimensions: roughly 3000 meters by 3100 meters of buildings area

Polys and Verts:

Polys: 6.060.000
Verts: 6.390.000

Polys by Groups:

0: 26.000
1: 49.000
2: 620.000
3: 830.000
4: 765.000
5: 915.000
6: 1.249.000
7: 895.000
8: 345.000
9: 90.000
10: 9.000
11: 74.000
12: 91.000
13: 62.000
14: 35.000
15: 7.000

Print Screen of the actual working area showing the city top view, colored by groups. On the right, the real names of the 16 groups:

The full scene is made out of 16 groups:

Group 0 (zero) is for the base of the 3d city model: water level, streets, sidewalks, grass, canal.

Groups 1-9 (1 to 9) are for the 3d buildings models. From the tallest 3D office buildings to the lowest residential house areas. With the group 8 being the industrial group. 8 Also includes the amusement park, low poly stadium and some other buildings.

Group 10 is for the alleys around the parks. And the sport fields (tennis or basketball fields, etc.), water ponds, small grass patches around the city.

Group 11 is for the beach with trees and palms, simple waves, colored umbrellas etc.

Group 12 has all the trees. Except the ones from the beach.

Group 13 is for cars, group 14 is for boats, and the group 15 has the balloons and zeppelins.

You can see HERE  how the groups are arranged within the 3d city model source.

Example of what the group 12 (trees group) contains, in the render below:


Software used:

For modeling: 3D S Max 2014, Rendering engine V-Ray 3

What you get:

The 3D Big City G scene available for download is for 3D S Max 2014. Materials and settings done with V-Ray 3.

If you’ll encounter any download problem, you will get the 3D models sent by or

On request, You can get 3D Big City G model saved for 3D S Max 2011. Or all 16 groups saved separately. 16 groups from 0 to 15, each one saved in a different 3D S Max 2014 sources. That means 16 different sources all zipped together. So you can combine them one by one. The requested 3D City models (archived as Zip files) can be sent by or


Wanna get it from somewhere else?

Option 1: Get it from Shopify.  Same exact 3D model.

Option 2: Get it from SendOwl. Exact same Big City G 3D model to download.


Other renders of 3D city models. Aerial views, views over the water surface, amusement park, industrial area, residential, etc.

Unedited renders:

Edited render:

This render was edited (post production, with Photoshop) as a rainy shot. With a terrace wet tree branch overlaid on the render. Just for fun.

Only available for download. No shipping! 🙂


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