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Please note that the products on the website are not real objects (no shipping) but virtual objects (for download).

This site was created for all designers and everyone else who is curious. Here, you’ll find several free 3d models and cheap 3d models that you can use in your own work or however you please.

This site is broken down into 3 categories:

3D Free – Free 3ds Max objects

3D Models – low priced 3ds Max objects

3D Bundles – Save money by downloading a zipped file which contains a pack of objects.

I’m always updating this site with more objects so make sure to come back to see what I’m up to. I’ll always have more free stuff for you.

**If you can’t find what you’re looking for on whiteGekko, you can click here to go to TurboSquid to view more of my stuff and larger libraries from other artists.**

Entertain yourself with my portfollio page and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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– whiteGekko

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